Black Cross by JP Ashman

Review by Michael Evan

Wow! Black Cross was all kinds of everything. One of the most unique and powerful Fantasy novels I’ve read this year. 

This is a huge sprawling epic with an enormous cast of engaging characters, some of whom have become my favorite in the genre. 

There are multiple plot points going on throughout the novel and many different POV chapters, but Ashman has managed to perfectly juggle his characters and provide them with just the right amount of time to shine, while ensuring they come together for the core premise. Fans of Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son series will find much to enjoy, while characters like heroic Falchion, and Ashman’s own Abbott and Costello , Biviano and Sears will ensure much enjoyment for Kings of the Wyld fans as well.

Writing wise, Black Cross is quite a complex work. Ashman manages to create a completely different tone and narrative style for each of his POV’s which creates a brilliant fusion between a Grimdark edge and a more classic Epic feel. 

I have received an ARC of Ashman’s highly anticipated sequel Black Guild which I can not wait to immerse myself in.

JP Ashman is a fantastic self published author who clearly adores what he does and fills each page with an infectious enthusiasm that simply must be experienced.

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